Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MatrixArts is Alive and Well and Living in Midtown

It was really hard to get back in gear after The Gift of Art, our annual holiday art show. Plus, we decided that the trek out to Fair Oaks was just to much for most of us and moved operations back to R25 in Midtown.  We will still partner with the Allied Ceramic Arts Institute and encourage our members to exhibit in their wonderful gallery, but our energies will remain focused on providing high quality visual, performing, literary and culinary art education programs for kids, teens and adults.  Wonderful programs like:

ArtWorks@the Library
FoodTalk@Cafe Bernardo
MatrixArts KidsLit 
DIY Publishing

For now, we're concentrating on getting our blogs together, creating a new newsletter that will be distributed through vertical response, planning for a ton of summer programs, and otherwise getting our #@*%  together. 

Keep in touch by contacting us at our new email:  or call at 916-768-6077.  Our calendar will be up in just a few days.